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Roof Maintenance


Tile Roofing

Tile roofs require maintenance to ensure they protect your most valuable asset, your home and its possessions. The basic level of maintenance normally required eg; every five to ten years, is to the capping tiles along the ridge (top) and hips (sides/corners) of tile roofs. These capping tiles are secured by mortaring in place (called bedding) and then waterproofed and finished off (pointed) with a flexible compound.

Unfortunately tile roofing requires ongoing maintenance over its life (unlike new metal roofing) because the pointing tends to crack, crumble and dislodge just like rock or concrete weathers over time due to the detrimental effects of wind, rain and hail. Ongoing water penetration will then break down and loosen the bedding mortar which means the roof at this stage is not just no longer waterproof, loose ridge tiles are then prone to cracking and even slipping off the roof or blown off in a storm.

Other common and ongoing sources of leaking in tile roofs are from the tile clips and the valley gutters. Often the cut valley tiles will slip over time so that there are gaps between the tiles that allow rainwater to penetrate. Tile valleys are prone to back up and overflow as leaf and other debris accumulate. Waterproofing the valley or storm sealing with a bitumen impregnated foam rubber material is often reccommended.

Although sarking is now mandatory under all new tile roofing, many older tile roofs were installed without sarking so that any water penetrating the tiles or between the tiles or from under the capping tiles does not have a barrier to prevent water penetrating to the ceiling or being soaked up by bulk insulation such as batts or loose blow in cellulose products.

All these issues and the resultant damage can be avoided by regular maintenance of your tile roof by Residential Roofing Solutions.

Metal Roofing

Although we recommend re-roofing over roof repairs, particularly when dealing with an old roof close to or beyond its life expectancy, Residential Roofing Solutions will carry out economical roof repairs in an attempt to prolong the life of an old metal roof as long as possible.

Repairs include:

  • Removing roofing nails and replacing them with roofing screws.
  • Replacing rusted roof sheets and ridge capping
  • Re-lapping old metal roofs

Replacement of Barge Boards & Fascias

Quite often barges become weather beaten and rot gets to the boards and fascias, requiring replacement. Residential Roofing Solutions believes replacement with new timber or metal Colorbond is the best way to prevent this type of deterioration from happening again. With the timber pre-primed and ready for painting you can choose any colour you wish to complement the building’s existing design.

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