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Roof Replacement (Re-Roofing)


Metal, Asbestos & Tile Roofs

Residential Roofing Solutions is a leading Brisbane based roofing company working for domestic clients in South-East Queensland for over 86 years.

Residential Roofing Solutions are specialists in:

  • the supply and installation of new Colorbond, Zincalume & Galvanised metal roofs;
  • the removal and replacement of ASBESTOS roofs with new metal roofing systems;
  • the repair (re-bed, re-point, tile replacement, repair of leaking roof valleys) of exisiting tile roofs; or
  • the removal of tile roofs and replacement with new metal roofing systems.

Points of difference that set us apart include:

  • Residential Roofing Solutions complies with all Workplace Health & Safety legislation when completing projects – some of our competitors’ quotes, may be cheaper because they do not employ safe work methods.
  • The quality of our tradesmen & staff and our quality assurance systems set us apart from other roofing companies. Residential Roofing Solutions' tradesmen know the quality of workmanship expected and they understand that the customers home must be treated as if it was their own and that the owner wants their property left as they found it.

The Re-roofing Process

Whether you need a new roof or to replace metal, asbestos or tile roofing, Residential Roofing Solutions has the expertise to do it right, including safe asbestos removal and roof tile removal.

The Residential Roofing Solutions re-roofing process:

  1. It begins by our Roofing & Guttering tradesmen precisely measuring your roofing and guttering to reduce waste, save time and to provide the best price with no “hidden” extras.
  2. If required, safety guard rails are installed as per Workplace Health & Safety guidelines, our duty of care to our tradesmen and our insurance requirements.
  3. The existing roof is then removed one manageable section at a time, to make certain that your home is left Weatherproof and Secure for the duration of the work.
  4. Click here for the procedure for safe asbestos removal
  5. Click here for the procedure for roof tile removal
  6. As the roof is removed, the timber structures of the roof are checked and any damage repaired eg; any rotten, water damaged or perished timber roof battens are replaced.
  7. Existing battens are re-screwed.
  8. If metal (decramastic or decrabond), concrete or terra-cotta tiles are being removed, new 40 mm steel roof battens or hard-wood timber battens are installed prior to the new roofing being fitted. This is done because the existing batten size and spacing is usually inadequate for the new roofing to comply with building codes and manufacturers specifications.
  9. As an option new Builders Blanket or reflective foil Insulation can be installed directly underneath the new roof to Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter as well as provide a Condensation Barrier.
  10. New BlueScope Roofing is then installed, including all Ridge Capping, Barge Capping, Valleys, Gable Roll and Flashings. All ridge cappings and barge flashings are scribed to ensure a water tight finish.
  11. New roof penetration collar seals (dektites) are installled around all vent pipes, flues, chimneys and other roof penetration structures.
  12. The new roof is cleaned off (swept, blown or hosed depending what is most suitable)
  13. Existing solar hot water units, skylights, roof vents, aerials etc are re-fitted onto the new roofing or new units installed.
  14. All rubbish is removed and the site is left clean, tidy and safe.
  15. Up to 30 year BlueScope product Warranty on the materials is available.
  16. Residential Roofing Solutions 10 Year Warranty on all Workmanship is provided.


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