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Tile Roof Conversion


What Type of Roofing is best for Your South-East Queensland Home?

The roof of your home plays a very important role. Having the most efficient roof for energy conservation is becoming more and more important as has always been the aesthetically pleasing qualities to any homeowner. A metal roof provides both an energy efficient covering as well as a pleasant aesthetic appeal.

A tiled roof has a short life span and after cracking, breaking, fading and weathering, leaves a home looking worse for wear which brings down the resale value of the home. A metal roof will allow you to build in an original flare and last the lifetime of your home.

Cost effective metal roofing will not only last the lifetime of the home, it will save you money by not having to deal with costly repairs. Metal roofing comes with inherent heat reflection capabilities that will lower a homeowners energy bills tremendously. The durability and performance of a metal roof will benefit the homeowner through the great potential for deductions in one's homeowner’s insurance, especially in areas of regular severe hail and windstorms. A metal roof can withstand winds up to 200 km per hour and resist damage from severe hailstorms. Metal roofing also benefits the homeowner, in that, it never rusts, fades, chips or chalks. Built-in protection is carefully monitored to ensure high quality metal roofing that you can depend on.

A Massive Selection of Colours and Styles

Metal roofing has came a long way in style and design, now with an extensive list of colours and styles available it is possible for no two homes in a neighbourhood to have the same style or colour of metal roofing. A homeowner can pick out a roof to match to reflect the style of their home and their individual unique personality. There are now twenty colours available that vary from a classic cream, Manor Red, Woodland Gray, Pale Eucalypt, shades from reds to greys, greens and blues to galvanised to creams to whites, yellows, tans and browns just to name a few of the extensive colour choices available to a homeowner.

Stage 1. Tile Removal & Disposal

If you have a concrete or terracotta tile roof , Residential Roofing Solutions can Easily and Safely remove and dispose of it.

The Residential Roofing Solutions Tile Roof Removal procedure:

  1. All workers are qualified roof tilers so the removal process is performed professionally and not haphazardly which may occur if the workers do not have sufficient knowledge of the original method of installation and fixing or the roof tiles.
  2. All tiles including roof, ridge and hip cap tiles, mortar etc are removed as per Workplace Health and Safety requirements
  3. Tiles are removed avoiding breakage and dust generation
  4. Tiles are lowered by hand to the ground to prevent breakage
  5. If tiles can be re-cycled or re-used, they are carefully stacked on pallets and loaded onto a flat tray truck by a soft tyred fork-lift.
  6. All debris, such as mortar, clips, broken battens etc are disposed via a rubbish skip and the site left clean, tidy and safe.
  7. If it has been ascertained that the tiles are no longer able to be re-used, they are disposed and removed via a rubbish skip.
  8. The roof structure is carefully examined to ascertain if extra hold-down bracing is required due to the new roof sheeting being lighter than the old much heavier roof tiles.
  9. Following removal, tarpaulins are fitted to the roof to ensure the home is watertight until the new roofing is installed (usually same day).

Stage 2. Zincalume or Colorbong Roofing Installation

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