Roofing Conversions

Roofing Conversions in Ipswich

No matter what type of roof you have, the weather and hot Australian sun can take their toll on even the most durable roofing. Your roof will eventually deteriorate and may be required to be replaced. Would you like to improve the appearance of your home with a new metal roof? We will look after removing the old roofing materials to put your mind at ease, and we will deliver a high quality revitalised look to your new roof.

If you have an older roof that has been made with Asbestos, it is a major health and safety concern. We have years of experience in removing this dangerous material.

We are specialists in tile and asbestos Roofing Conversions. Look no further than Residential Roofing Solutions to give you the peace of mind you are after.


Before & After — Roofing in Ipswich, QLD


One of the most commonly used building products in Australia from the 1940s until the late 80s was 'fibro', a bonded product containing around 15% asbestos. Fibro was widely used as wall and ceiling sheeting in houses, workplaces and government buildings because of its strength and resistance to chemicals and heat. In addition to fibro sheeting, asbestos was also used in roofing ('Super Six' sheeting).

Does you home or workplace have an Asbestos Roof? If so, do you want peace of mind from your asbestos liability? Home owners of premises containing asbestos, have a "duty of care" to their occupants to take measures to remove asbestos or minimise the risk of exposure. Since there is no cure for the disease caused by asbestos, there is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to its deadly fibres. We are fully licensed to deal with Asbestos, with all tradesmen holding current 'B' Class license in asbestos removal.


Benefits Of Removal Of Your Asbestos Roof


The resale value of your property will increase substantially once asbestos removal has taken place, with other benefits including:
  • Prevention of any asbestos related illness
  • Tank rainwater unable to be contaminated
  • No airborne fibres left within the property
  • Removal of weight and stress from roof timbers (asbestos weighs up to ten times as much as a metal roof

Why Trust Us With Your Asbestos Removal?


  • We remove asbestos roofing week in, week out, sometimes up to two roofs per week.
  • We specialise in asbestos re-roofing jobs
  • We're responsive to your concerns.
  • We're licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
  • We are certified in occupational health and safety
Decramastic roof — Roofing in Ipswich, QLD
Worn Concrete Tile roof — Roofing in Ipswich, QLD

Tile Roofing

Cost effective metal roofing will not only last the lifetime of the home, it will save you money by not having to deal with costly repairs. Metal roofing comes with inherent heat reflection capabilities that will lower a homeowners energy bills tremendously. The durability and performance of a metal roof will benefit the homeowner through the great potential for deductions in one's homeowner’s insurance, especially in areas of regular severe hail and windstorms. A metal roof can withstand winds up to 200 km per hour and resist damage from severe hailstorms. Metal roofing also benefits the homeowner, in that, it never rusts, fades, chips or chalks. Built-in protection is carefully monitored to ensure high quality metal roofing that you can depend on.

How We Remove A Tile Roof

  1. All workers are qualified roof tilers so the removal process is performed professionally and not haphazardly which may occur if the workers do not have sufficient knowledge of the original method of installation and fixing or the roof tiles.
  2. All tiles including roof, ridge and hip cap tiles, mortar etc are removed as per Workplace Health and Safety requirements
  3. Tiles are removed avoiding breakage and dust generation
  4. Tiles are lowered by hand to the ground to prevent breakage
  5. If tiles can be re-cycled or re-used, they are carefully stacked on pallets and loaded onto a flat tray truck by a soft tyred fork-lift.
  6. All debris, such as mortar, clips, broken battens etc are disposed via a rubbish skip and the site left clean, tidy and safe.
  7. If it has been ascertained that the tiles are no longer able to be re-used, they are disposed and removed via a rubbish skip.
  8. The roof structure is carefully examined and extra hold-down bracing is installed in compliance with current building regulations; a must anyway, due to the new roof sheeting being lighter than the old much heavier roof tiles.
  9. Following removal, we ensure the home is watertight and the new roofing is installed the same day.